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My old PC died. I have no printed copy of my invoice with my license number. What’s the procedure for getting a copy of the invoice or an email with the license number from

Send an email to sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com with your full name and possible email addresses, together with any other information you have regarding your purchase, and L&L will try to find your licence.

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Welcome. Hope you get it sorted out okay.

I sent them ( an email on December 8th and haven’t heard back. So far, this isn’t impressing me. I’m back to using Microsoft Word for my wok and don’t think I’ll recommend Scrivner for Windows to any of my writer friends.

swifshadow, I’m sorry you’re having some trouble. Did you whitelist and in your email? We don’t have any unanswered sales support emails, so it may have gotten caught in your spam filter. If you PM me with the address used, I’ll take a look through the records to get you the info again if you can’t find it in your email.