Transferring preferences to new Mac

Hi all,

I want to transfer my settings to a new Mac. I read the “Transferring Scrivener’s Preferences” section in the knowledge base for macOS ( … -computers) and followed the steps. Every time I want to load the preferences from file in step 5, Scrivener crashes.

Maybe I did something wrong in step 4? When the contents of the support folder (of the old Mac, where my preferences are) are copied into the support folder of the new Mac, the files are supposed to get replaced, right?


What version of Scrivener did you have on the old Mac? Scrivener 3 can’t use Scrivener 2’s Preferences files.


I used Scrivener 3 as well.

Other than the Preferences issue, is Scrivener up and running successfully on the new Mac?


Yes, apart from that, Scrivener is running just fine. I changed the preferences manually now, but if there is a fix for that, it would still be great to know for next time.
Thanks for the support!

If possible, could you open a support ticket? Include a copy of the crash report and a copy of the Preferences file that causes the crash.