transferring projects to 1.5

I’m afraid to delete old Scrivener before downloading 1.5. Have two novels on it and don’t know how to transfer them to 1.5. What do I do? Thx. McKenzie Moss

Scrivener projects are files on your hard disk, not anything tied to the application itself. Check your Documents folder for files ending in .scriv, or if you cannot see extensions, with little Scrivener icons. Those are your projects. If you don’t see anything there, try typing .scriv into Spotlight and Cmd-clicking on any one of them. Unless you save them all over the place, that should help you find where they all are.

When you upgrade the application, it will load your old projects just like it used to. You’ll get a little message the first time, which you can ignore. It will only show up once for every project.

Unless, of course, the unfortunate user stored all of his/her work in Scrivener’s Tutorial document… :open_mouth:

Right, hence the paragraph on finding the files first. :slight_smile: