transferring projects with memory stick


I’m relatively new to Scrivener and hope that somebody can answer my question. I currently use Scrivener on my desktop computer and have also recently installed it on my laptop. I can’t seem to transfer a work-in-progress from one to the other via my memory stick. Would anybody be able to explain the process to me please?

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Here’s my recommendation:

  1. With the project open in Scrivener, go to File->Back Up->Back Up To…
  2. Point this manual backup to your memory stick, check the Backup as Zip file option.
  3. Quit Scrivener, eject your memory stick, take it to the other computer.
  4. Copy the backup .zip file to My Documents, right-click on that copy and choose “Extract All…” or whatever similar option is available.
  5. And there you’ll have your project, ready to edit. Repeat this process to get your newest version to the other computer.

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Fantastic! That worked a treat, thanks Robert, and thanks for taking the time to answer.


Gah! Thanks. I don’t know how that happened. I even previewed it, did a tiny edit which (as far as I recall) did not include deleting the closing list tag, and only then did I click “submit.”