Transferring Scriv to New windows 8 Computer

Scrivener won’t transfer to my new computer–or rather it transfers but I get warning messages every time I turn it on–telling me that there are serial problem issues etc. I have gone back forth with the esselate and have pasted the serial number in the boxes–but the Esselate program keeps rejecting it. I have tried manual transfer (as this is meant to be on off line computer) but also I have put it on line.
Anyway–the two (sometimes three) warning dialog boxes are distracting.
I tried uninstall and reinstall.
I sent a notice to the esselate website. It all seem automated.
I might try uninstalling again.
Any advice?
PS. Mac versus windows issue. As I wrote this note, a mini mac was delivered–but I have decided to stay with PC. With my writing, I use word, am learning the features of scrivener and also am going to integrate Onenote per David Hewsen’s blog article where he shows how to outline with tags–using one note docked to word 2013. The two files have links–which is all new for word 2013. The Macs are elegant, etc. but the don’t offer OneNote–or word 2013.
PS. I am not new poster. I just can’t get into my old account, here. Technical issues, today.

Sorry you’re having some technical troubles! Could you post a screenshot of the error messages you’re receiving when trying to register? Knowing the exact wording and error code would help suss out the problem and (I hope!) resolve it quickly. If it’s a registration issue, I don’t expect uninstalling or reinstalling to address it.

Yes, I was about to send this because I again uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing I do helps.
Here are the error messages. The second one sounds so hopeful, but believe me–that server has not been “processing my order” in the last 24 hours. It’s quite frustrating. Also the Esselate company which is supposed to be backing us up (I think) is not giving any guidance–except for a salesperson who acknowledged my e-mail.

Message #1
The serial number for Scrivener on this machine has not yet been activated. Scrivener will
now register your serial number with the eSellerate servers. (eSellerate is a reputable
company which provides our web store and serial number scheme.)
No personal information will be sent during this process (only your serial number).
Please ensure you have a web connection.
In the event that the eSellerate web servers fail, Scrivener will continue to work, so a
failure on our part will not stop Scrivener from functioning in the future. Thank you for
your support.

Second Message:
Product activation for Scrivener failed owing
to an unrecognised serial number. Please
recheck your serial number and try again in
a few minutes - it is possible that the server
may not have finished processing your
order yet.

It could be that the server is down or was down and now is backlogged; that’s happened, unfortunately, so it’s not impossible even with the 24 hour period you’ve already given it. I’m assuming you’re copying and pasting the serial number and serial number name from your original emailed receipt, ensuring no extra whitespace, etc.? Have you tried following the offline activation steps here?

Assuming the offline activation workaround isn’t helping either, you can send an email to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with your name and the email address used for purchasing Scrivener, and we can check on the serial name and number or chase this up with eSellerate as necessary.

Hi Jennifer,
It’s extremely odd and makes installation of Scrivener problematic, which is not the intent.
In the meantime I opened the mini mac and installed Scrivener and there was no issue at all. (I thought I would try out mini mac and also Scrivener on mac as long as they delivered it. Apple guy said I could open box and play with it for about 13 days or so even if I plan to return it).

I just checked my e-mail and three tech people wrote me back. They sent me the serial number and that’s about it for now. The problem is that now it won’t ask for the serial number. I then uninstalled and reinstalled and the same two messages came up.
I will write some resolution to this (when it occurs) in case other people are having difficulties with Windows 8 install. It’s a new laptop.

Esselerate has referred me to back to you. I sent an e-mail to your support department. I wonder if there’s some kind of Windows 8 bug with this.