transferring scrivener to new computer

My current computer is dying, so I bought a new one. How do I transfer Scrivener and my files onto my new computer (both are Windows laptops, the current one is Windows 7 and the new one is Windows 8). Thanks.

The new computer is Windows 8.

Couldn’t be easier. Just copy all of the folders with names that end in “.scriv”, including all their contents, however you like to do that (thumb drive, shared folder on your network, etc…)

Then download Scrivener from the main website onto your new computer, and dig up your license in your email archive and enter that when prompted.

You may also want to copy your settings. The basic options are easy to do, just use the “Manage” button at the bottom to export them to a file that you can back up and transfer between computers. The same button can be used to load settings into Scrivener. Another important thing to bring along with you are your backups. Those are by default stored in a somewhat hidden location. So the easiest way to get there is to load the Backup option pane and click the handy button that is provided to load the backup folder.

While you are there, you might want to ascend a level in Windows Explorer and check out the other folders and files here. Your custom spelling list, Scratch Pad, project templates and other data settings are all in this one place.

I have an old laptop which may be on it’s way out. It’s slow, used only once in a while, but still rock solid.
I know that the license is for 6 computers. When/if I decide to replace said computer, is there a way to deactivate the license so it doesn’t count towards my limit?
I wouldn’t want it to deactivate my desktop PC-- my first installation— as this is my main computer, and not one I would discard in the near future as it’s perfect for my needs.

Yes, in the Help menu, once the software has been registered, you’ll find a “Deactivate Scrivener” menu command. Use that, it will contact the server and refund you an activation point.

Fast response. Thanks!

I thank you all for your prompt, thoughtful help!