Transferring Scrivener to new Mac

I don’t know why I couldn’t find this on the forum, but I’m trying to move my Scrivener stuff to my new computer (including the app) and none of it is working–scrivener in the dock shows up as a question mark, and when it was there inititally it asked to re-enter the serial, which I’m not even sure I have anymore (bought it online, gmail search revealed nothing). Do I have to buy Scrivener again; is that the policy?

I found one thread on this but it seemed based on the project files, not issues with the app itself:


All you need to do is re-download from the project page and re-install - the question mark suggests that something has gone wrong in copying Scrivener across somewhere, but re-installing will fix that. For your serial number, you can e-mail David at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and he can look it up for you - we’re certainly not so evil as to make you pay again!

Hope that helps.

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The question-mark means it’s not on your hard disk. My guess is you dragged it from the DMG, the virtual disk that it comes on to the dock, not from the application folder on your hard disk. Did you install it on your HD. That icon’s the one you need to drag to the dock.