Transferring scrivener to new MacBook

Bought a new MacBook with M2 chip. attempts to transfer my license to the new mac ends up trying to c contact esellerate. Scrivener no longer uses esellerate. How do I transfer scrivener 3.3.1 to my new mac? anyone?

I think you should contact LL directly.

I think they also have a license recovery tool on their website, but I don’t quite know where it is.

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Hello. That depends on where you got Scrivener: from the web of Scrivener or from the Apple Store.

These problems occur due to the evils of DRM. Your computer is not yours, and neither is a program, if it depends on online services to function at all or in any part.

As the user @Vincent_Vincent has recommended, it is best that you contact the developers directly.


If you have a license key, then you purchased from us.

If Scrivener is attempting to contact ESellerate, you are attempting to install an old version, as the new version knows better. Download the current version here: Download Scrivener | Literature & Latte

Beyond that, I would need to know whether you have a Scrivener 2 key (won’t work on a new computer, you need to upgrade) or a Scrivener 3 key (should work fine, contact us if it doesn’t).

You were right, I think. I downloaded the newest version even though the newest version was on my old laptop. I must’ve hit the wrong download. Everything is working fine now. Thank you. The link you sent worked.

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