Transferring threads of comments from Word to Scrivener


I would like to know if it is possible to transfer threads of comments from different reviewers on a Word doc to a Scrivener doc under Draft.

My workflow is as followed: I write in Scrivener, export to Word for different reviewers who then take turns commenting on the same document. I then copy the entire commented document from Word and paste it onto my previous version of this document.

The reviewers have recently started to comment on each other’s comments about a specific component in my writing. Word allows responses to comments, hence the conversations are captured as threads of comments in Word (with the names of the reviewers, date, and time on which the comments are made). However, when I used the copy and paste method, only the comments from the last reviewer appeared in the Inspector. Is there a way to transfer these threads as they are to Scrivener - as threads of comments in the Inspector?
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First off, I don’t know. But I follow a completely different workflow in similar circumstances. It works well for me and I think easier, and reduces risk of messing up my project.

I open Scrivener and put on the left 1/2 of the monitor, and open Word on the right 1/2 with Revision mode on (to see any changes and all the comments) and then work through the suggestions. Word is excellent at displaying Word documents with revisions. Let it do what it’s good at. Scrivener is excellent at displaying and working on Scrivener documents. Let it do what it’s good at.

The other advantage is that I don’t have to accept everything the commenters say. I consider the changes and comments and make my own decision. I have that freedom, but maybe you and others don’t. When I like the changes I copy/paste (match style) into Scrivener.

This keeps the technology simple and focus attention on the writing project.

Just my two bits, as they say.


You could see what happens when you drop the Word doc into the Binder and let Scrivener convert it. Will the threaded comments survive then?

Of course, dropping the document in like that will effectively accept all revisions, b/c Scriv does not have a way to retain the track-changes aspect of a Word doc. So, doesn’t seem that helpful, even if it worked.


Scrivener does not support threaded comment chains, so that is something you’ll need to communicate to your proofers. Just tell them your word processor can’t see these additional responses, if you need a simple way of putting it.

As far as I know, the only way to recover them is to go through them in a compatible word processor and separate things out into separate comments.

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Thanks for your suggestion! But I also incorporate the Snapshots as well as other features in the Inspector panel in my writing process. Thus, for me, it’s important that the different revisions are always copied and pasted onto the same document. Mine is a long-term project, thus keeping track of changes and metadata is important.

Thanks, everyone for your suggestions! Guess I have to continue to manually create the threads of comments. I’ve been writing the names of the reviewers and then copying and pasting the comments in the last reviewer’s comments. It takes time. Perhaps in the future, Scrivener will make this function available…Thanks again, everyone!

Won’t help with the threads, but the following might be of use to you: it is possible to compile to docx with automatically included markers — which enables Scrivener to later import the (possibly changed) docx back into Scriv while farming the text out to its original source Scriv docs. If memory serves, the process Snapshots each doc before updating it. Easier that piecemeal copy and pasting? Maybe yes.

You do need to send your docx out to your team with Track Changes enabled, so these special markers won’t get accidentally obliterated.

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Thanks very much for the tips! All the features work as you say.