Transferring Windows trial content to Mac purchased version?

I’ve been using the trial version of Scrivener on Windows and found out that my father coincidentally purchased Scrivener for his Mac. After searching on how to transfer windows content to the Mac version I came up empty handed, how would I go about doing this?

You probably haven’t found much because there really isn’t much to it in that direction. The project format is cross-platform compatible. Just make sure you copy over the whole top-level folder with “.scriv” on the end of it, and not just pieces of that folder. Once it is on the Mac, that will actually end up looking like a single file. It’s still a folder, but the Mac can make a folder look and act like a file and we use that “.scriv” part to accomplish that. There are two aspects of a project that are not yet compatible: project appearance settings and compile settings. Stuff like what you are looking at, splits that are open, etc. As well as any formatting settings you’ve configured for compilation. If you haven’t really messed with any of that then you’ll probably not notice too much amiss.

I am planning to be using this on my new Mac when it arrives in a couple days, and after I download Scrivener again on that new computer. Meanwhile I am on a Windows computer and need to set up some cards. If I download the trial version, and save the file onto Google docs, will I be able to use the file in both Windows and Mac during the duration of the 30 day trial?

I’m not experienced with using GoogleDocs to transfer formats it doesn’t work with. I used it many years ago, and back then it was an online office suite basically. If you uploaded a spreadsheet it would get converted to their format. You couldn’t upload stuff it couldn’t convert.

But, if you have a Google Docs account, you should have Google Drive available to you, which would be a much better way of handling random file type transfers from one machine to another. I would recommend using the right-click Send to/Compressed zip menu command in Windows to compress the whole project into a single file. This makes the transfer safer over the Internet. When you get the Mac and download the .zip files off of your Google Drive, you would just copy or move them to your Documents folder and double-click on the .zip files to extract the Scrivener projects.