transferring word edits to a scrivener file

there are some word edits that i made by copy pasting my story into a world file. since scrivener has a inferior smelling and grammar check. I could copy them back into the scrivener file but the text is in a smaller box. and that bothers me

There’s also various edits i made to the scrivener file that only exist in the scrivener file. though they might be smaller than the amount of edits i made in the word file.

is there any feature i could take advantage of to rectify this situation.

That stinks, friend.

Have a look at the Sync with External Folder feature (I think it’s in the Windows release version: it’s definitely in the beta).

This allows you to work on a document (including RTF documents, which Word can read) in both Scrivener and another program, with changes synced both ways. Basically, you keep a folder, and export Scrivener documents to it, work on them in Word, then resync them back into Scrivener (which can be done automatically on opening/closing the project. It will keep snapshots of any changed documents.

NB: there are some caveats to how you use this feature, so please the section in the manual to make sure you understand what is happening and why. For example, because it works with RTF not DOCX, some of Word’s more sophisticated features may not sync — that may or may not be a problem for you.