Transformations Missing

I do not understand why Scrivener has left out the Transformations sub-menu when right clicking on selected text? It is a standard sub-menu. Just now I used it after condensing a couple of important paragraphs to bullet points, not capitalizing the sentences as I was in the part of my brain where I was gathering information, rather than thinking about formatting. It should have been easy enough to option click the first words, select Transform/Capitalize, and continue writing, after I was done making the bullet points.

But instead I ran into a potential writers road-block. To do this in Scrivener I have to copy a block of text out of scrivener, past it into Bean or other text editor, select text and use Transformation/Capitalize, copy the block, and re-paste to Scrivener. So much work to do something that is standard - but not in Scrivener?

Why is this?

I I think Scrivener was providing a set of commands like this before the rest of the Mac standardised on the Edit/Transformations menu. They are instead located in Format/Convert/, along with a few other Scrivener-specific functions. We’ll be folding all of this into the standard Edit location in the future.

Thank you.