Transitional period from Scrivener Gold to Scrivener


Maria beat me to it. :slight_smile: I would also like to beta test, if I can be useful. For my part, I get to be more a part of the development process. And I get my hands on the new Scrivener that much earlier.

So add me to the list if that works for you!


ditto :smiley:

…and Eiron joins the mini-stampede…

Thank you for all the kind words about Scrivener. The past few weeks have been spent implementing the new Scrivener interface, which is nearly finished. Once that is finished, then I need to start transferring the “brain” code of Scrivener into its new “body”, which should take a few weeks. Fortunately, in my job, I get a six week summer holiday starting next week, and I will be spending much of that working on the new Scrivener. So hopefully there should be a new beta - which would become the first release candidate - available at the end of summer (Northern hemisphere summer, that is…).

All the best,

Yes, yes–me too!


I have been using Scrivener Gold for my current work in progress (a 80,000 word novel, half way), and my dissertation (almost done with chapter 1), it has been very stable. Of course, when the time comes, I’d love to be involved in the beta testing, even alpha testing if that helps.

Hi Amaru,

How are you handling footnotes/endnotes with your dissertation in Scrivener? I’m writing mine in Mellel and have over 300 endnotes (I’m finishing my final chapter). I know the new version of Scrivener will have a kind of footnoting system, but I’m curious how you might implement them in SG.


I have very few footnotes–about five in my Chapter 1. I use double curly bracket to set them appart {{This is a footnote.}}, and plan to do the conversion when I’m ready to print. At that time, I’ll also run the whole chapter through BookEnds.

The final version of scrivener sounds like it is shaping up nicely.

Add me to the list of potential beta testers.

Funny, I see several names from the Devon and Mellel forums here.

Seems that Scrivener scratches an itch many of us have. :slight_smile:

Amaru, thanks for the explanation. I was just curious. Sounds like a good system. :slight_smile:


Aww heck… The technology junky in me is usually separate from the writer in me. I bet I can mash them together just this once. Add me to the beta list too (if such a thing exists…)

I should explain that this time around beta-testing is going to be public. :slight_smile: When it comes time to beta-test, I will post a link on the Announcements forum. It won’t be for a month or three, though…