transitioning from WordPerfect

Every text document I have is in WordPerfect, which I have been using through 10 versions. I am interested in Scrivener for Windows, but cannot figure out if it will be easy (or even possible) to import WordPerfect documents into Scrivener, or to export from Scrivener to WordPerfect.

The medium of transport is RTF, Rich Text Format.

When exporting from WP, choose RTF.
In Scrivener, use the File: Import command…or just drag in the RTF files.
When exporting from Scrivener, use the File: Export command and select RTF.

Try it on some test files to see if you lose any formatting.
I last used Word Perfect in the 1980s, but I believe this will work.
Good luck!


I successfully imported a large project, more than a hundred files, into Scrivener from WordPerfect 12.

Using WP’s Save As function, I converted each file to RTF, then imported them, creating a new Scrivener document for each one under the appropriate Binder folder. One minor nuisance was adjusting the default format in Scrivener to acomodate properly the format settings in the original. For instance, many of my originals had the first line indent of each paragraph set by a tab, so I removed those tabs and let the Scrivener format take care of indent automatically.

I found that in a few cases where the original had several bunched up hidden format changes (line spacing, font changes, etc) Scrivener sometimes got confused and the import hung. When this happened the normally invisible display percentage counter in the upper right corner of the main editing panel, just stopped, and by scrolling down I could find where the probelm was.

I susggest you save your intermediate RTF files, so you can roll back to them in case you make changes you don’t like and forget (as I’ve done) to take Scrivener shapshots.

So the transition is a bit of a chore, but well worth it.

If you’re new to Scrivener, let me point you at the “Save as Template” file menu option. Once you’ve figured out how to make Scrivener accommodate your preferences for fonts, spacing and so-forth, you should make a template from that document, so that you don’t have to repeat all of the adjustments over-and-over.

That should save you a lot of work on the Scrivener side of things.

Thanks again very much to all of you!