Translation error

Version, Italian language. When you right-click on Draft or its documents or folders, the first item is “Aggiungi un appuntamento per la prossima settimana”; since this does not add an appointment for the next week, but just new files or folders, it should be “Aggiungi” and nothing more.

Yeah, @mattarmon caught this one as well a few days ago. :grinning:

Oops, I didn’t scroll all the way down to this post. If @mattarmon has already contacted support, I won’t add a duplicate here. And I agree with him: don’t use machine translation; it will never live up to human translators.

Hi @sbradabang,

I haven’t contacted support yet, but was going to do in the weekend.


Hope it will be fixed in next release.

I’d go the other way, and change the English one to say “Book an appointment for next week” instead.