transparency of the “page” in full screen mode(windows)


Can I change the transparency of the “page” in full screen mode(windows) ?

I want to set it zero so that background image/texture fills the whole screen. I do not see the option anywhere.

Kindly help.

Thank you.

Yes, you can!

Tools/Options/Appearance/Full Screen Mode/Page, then click on the colour block to set the page colour and change the ‘alpha channel’ to zero. You’ll need a fairly light-coloured background to make it useable, and you’ll probably want to fade the background up to full opacity so the screen underneath doesn’t show through. Personally, I prefer to have it at about half-transparency (alpha channel 128), so I can see my pretty background but still see what I’m typing. :slight_smile:

NEATO!! :smiley:

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but I figured it was an ability that was yet to appear in the Windows version. (I see Scrivener for Mac has a “Paper Fade” option.)

Thanks muchly. And thanks to britul for askin’ about it.

Thanks a ton ellarien. :smiley: Thank you so so so much. :laughing:

And most welcome Mick.