Transperency of Editor in Composition Mode.

I am not referring to the background fade slider… I want to have any color (white) but be able to set transperency to look as if i am writing a bit over the desktop image? that should make sense to someone but anyway i cant seem to find it.

i suppose i can use a texture that has a transperency to it?

----- edit:

So I was kind of able to get what i wanted by using the Composition Mode >Screen Background… it gave me the effect i wanted in “paper fade”

But then i have to use an image that is less than 1mb? So i have to open an editor to change file size just to get this?

I just feel like im missing something cause here in this article they do just what i want.


Yeah, I was going to say the best option for you sounds like using a backdrop. Where are you getting the information that the backdrop has to be less than 1mb though? I mean—if it’s a JPEG it’s probably a good idea to compress it to less than 1mb anyway, why add that much burden to the layout engine if it can be avoided, but you should be able to try at any rate.


Thank you. Yes i found that what i love is the composition mode with paper fade. Though i also like another arrangement.
What i want is:

  • that the main editor and composition mode automatically share/use the same background.
  • that there be a per project background option.
  • and finally that paper fade be available in main editor.

But i can keep trying to get the feel im looking for.

Currently at the end of 2019 there is massive lag using a photo for the background so I can’t use one, I’ve found a work around, but why isn’t there a ‘paper fade’ option when there’s no photo???

Because if you want to make the “paper” column have less contrast than the background, you can simply change its colour using the Appearance settings.