transporting scrivener to a colony


I am loving this program and now that my novel is almost done, I’ve been blessed with a fellowship to a writers’ colony. They have a computer and printer to share and is scrivener downloadable and runnable from a flash drive or something? I’d like to print out things like my corkboard cards and things like that (or, are these exportable?) Thanks for the help. It really IS set up for writers! (including those of us who aren’t totally fluent in computer stuff).

Hi Marie,

It depends on the writers’ colony’s computer is a Mac or not - if it’s a Windows computer then you won’t be able to run Scrivener on it. Probably the best thing to do is to export your project by selecting everything in the binder and going to File > Export > Files… That will export everything selected using the project structure. The best format to export to would be RTF, as whatever machine they have will be pretty much guaranteed to open RTF files.

Then, you can take your RTF files along to the retreat, and just re-import anything you change or create when you come back.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Generally writers’ colonies have at least one mac, as that’s what we tend to use, as you know. So is it possible to run it off a flash drive? Basically we have studios and then the computer is in the main house.

I would never recommend running a .scriv file from a flash drive - they are temperamental and can easily corrupt a project run from one. Scrivener itself could probably be run from one, though. So I would recommend this workflow:

Put the program and project on a flash drive.
Whenever you want to edit your project, first copy it from the flash drive to the hard drive.
Launch Scrivener and open the copy of the project on the hard drive.
After you have quit Scrivener and finished editing the project, move the copy from the hard drive back onto the flash drive and delete the copy you put on the hard drive.

This way you can work from a flash drive without incurring the risks of running an actual project from the flash drive.

Hope that makes sense.
All the best,