Trapped in a Frame

My chapter one seems to be trapped in a frame-so I cannot scroll properly when on the main chapter view(Where you can scroll through all the chapters). I am not sure if it is my settings or what. The seems to be an extra dotted line, which I cannot remove. I am also seeing a green flashing bar that makes it to 99%. Tried opening, closing and reopening. Concerned i may be auto-save not functioning correctly.

I have been playing around for hours, and I still have not solved the problem. I see there were a couple of other threads on the flashing green bar-has a solution been found? I was planning to purchase the pre-release and now I am getting concerned. I am doing Nanowrimo - so I have lost a lot of writing time playing with this. Can you help? :open_mouth:

This is a bug with Scrivenings view, which is where multiple documents are loaded in the editor so they can be worked on as one long document (in appearance), separated by the dotted lines. Lee’s working on fixing this–the bug is identified and he’s just rewriting the code to work around the issue, so this will be corrected for 1.0. Best way to avoid it for now is just not to use Scrivenings but to load each document individually, but even just having fewer documents in the Scrivenings view should help–the problem gets worse the larger the session and the lengthier the documents involved. So you could just select the two or three you want to see together (ctrl-click them in the binder) and load those rather than everything at once. If you get a document that’s disappearing under the dotted line, you can place your cursor in the text and then use the arrow keys or your mouse scrolling wheel to scroll that particular document, so your text will come into view again.

I’m sorry for your lost time! I’m off to a pretty rough start for NaNo myself–only just hit day one’s word count. Urf. Best wishes for your 50K!

Thank you Jennifer! I can only imagine how much work coding it must be. I hand code websites-but I am not a developer or programmer. I think it’ll be ok, was glad to hear it was a bug-not something I had messed up.

I created a temporary fix. I renamed “Chapter” to “Chapters” and now I am getting the outline on “Chapters” and not the long scrolling document. When the fix comes, I will rename it back to the original.

So you are doing Nano too! You must be busy with these forums. I was a bit ahead of the game, still made over the two day minimum. Today has been a comedy of errors-start fresh tomorrow. Good luck to you too!

Maybe you could tell me-when 1.0 is released will I have to install it over 0.49 or will I need to uninstall first? If clean install is required-will my documents be saved?