Trash issues + corkboard[NOTED]

I’m not sure if these are bugs but they seem unintended:

  1. If I drag a chapter into the trash I can’t undo it. Sure I can dig it out in the trash but a nice quick undo would be nice to remove the last action.

  2. Corkboard-mode is accessible when looking at single chapters but it shows nothing other than the cork. Shouldn’t it at least have the one chapter’s Synopsis on it or have this mode disabled when looking at single chapters?

  3. When in corkboard-mode, if I click a different chapter it skips straight to text mode. It seems it should logically stay in corkboard-mode though.

Thank you for your time!

  1. I guess they figured if you were gonna drag it there, you could just drag it back out.

  2. You have to put a card with a synopsis on that bulletin board, because that chapter’s synopsis actually appears on a card one bulletin board up. For example, my draft board shows all the chapters on cards. Then each chapter’s board shows cards for individual scenes. If you don’t have card files with in the chapter the board is going to be blank.

  3. A workaround for this is that if you click on one of the cards before hitting the new text button, it will open a new card right there on the cork board you are working from. I’m not sure if the behavior to automatically open the Editor is a glitch or if that’s just standard. I could not find a way of changing it like the Binder Effects.