Trash suggestion

I like the concept of the Trash folder – It can hurt to deleting things permanently, especially when it’s a full scene or chapter that one has decided to rewrite. So I like the fact that the Trash folder essentially is a folder of outtakes that I can look back and perhaps laugh at later.

The only problem, is my trash folder is also filled with deleted empty folders and notecards that I really could do without. I’d like to delete those blank files forever and keep only the documents in Trash that are somewhat substantive. But it appears in Scriverner that you can only “Empty Trash” completely. Would it be possible to add a “delete permanently” option to the context menu that comes up when you right click an item in the Trash folder? This is something you can do in the Windows Recycle Bin, so it seems like it should be here as well.

A workaround I use for this is to store snippets you might want to keep in an ‘Unused Material’ folder in the binder and store them in there.

This feature will be implemented at some point as it’s listed as a bug on the list here. … tml#EDITOR

Actually, I’m not sure that should be listed as a bug, as it’s how the Mac version has always worked - once files are in the trash, “Empty Trash” deletes them all, but there is no way to delete individual items permanently. This is on the long-list for a future improvement in the Mac version, though, so if Lee is implementing it earlier in the Windows version, that’s great (aside from the fact that I’ll get users asking me why the Mac version can’t do it when the Windows version can :slight_smile: ).