I’ve noticed something … I expected a Feature which isn’t there:
Deleting Single Files from the trash. It seems you can only delete the complete contents of the trash-folder.
If this is intended: Why?

That’s the way trash works on the Mac OS–you can restore files out of it (which you can do in the Scrivener trash as well, just drag them out of the trash to elsewhere in the Binder) but you delete it all in one go. There are reasons for that, but anyway I bring it up because Windows Scrivener is based off the Mac version, so it probably rolled in with it.

Generally speaking, if you have items in the trash you’re not sure you want to delete you’re better off dragging them out to a “Deleted Scenes” folder (or likewise moving items there instead of trashing them initially), just to prevent them accidentally getting deleted or building up a lot of stuff in Trash that you have to sort through later.

Which makes it a real Hassle to completely delete one specific file from which you know, you won’t use it later on.
And since it is the Windows Version of Scrivener the Trash should behave as in Windows: One is able to remove a specific file without getting everything out of the trash, remov that file and put the Rest back in.

But that is just my opinion.

It was on the bug list the last time I looked at it. I’m not sure what the status on it is now.