Treasures on the Net

The Internet is huge. Once in a while you discover real treasures. Here are some of them
Lot’s of books that you can search and download. I’m not sure about the legal issues though.
I’ve found a lot of lectures in different subject areas.
You can browse through books before you decide to buy them. Surprisingly much of is revealed of many books

scrbd has a lot of stuff, and that’s why I’m leery of using it. They brag of having “50 million readers, 50,000 new writings & documents uploaded daily.” Applying Sturgeon’s Law – which is, if anything, too generous – 45,000 of those new “writings” (and WTF is a “writing?”) are crap.

Better, in my mind, to check in at, where the offensive ninety percent has largely been eliminated. Also, Gutenberg is clear on the copyright issue.


FWIW, I know several writers who upload work to scribd. For example, one fairly successful novelist uploads short stories there: there’s no market for short stories, so she gives them away for promotional purposes.

Sturgeon’s Law still applies, but it applies to any bookstore, too.


I have to admit I’ve had quite a wonderful time downloading books from Scrbd. None of it junk, all real books, and many of them quite good. The quality is good. I use Gutenberg as well. It’s a great site and I use it. Have even found a couple of hard-to-find books there. One’s out of print.

I think you could apply Sturgeon’s Law to the whole internet.


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