"Treat all documents . . ." -- Affect Compile?

Does the setting “Treat all documents with children as folders” affect “Compile”? For example, if compile is configured to print only the titles of folders, will documents with children follow suite when the checkbox (“Treat all”) is selected? Thanks, kraml

The “Treat all documents with children as folders” option is for navigation purposes and affects how a document with sub-documents is viewed. In other words, if it is selected, then when you click on a “container” document it will either open in Corkboard or Outliner view - whichever was selected last time you viewed a folder.

Selecting this option doesn’t affect the compile process. If you want the text of a container document to be printed, then in File > Compile > Formatting ensure the “Text” box is ticked in the “Level 1+” line (or whichever levels apply to your container documents if you have a more complex folder system - I like to keep mine simple!)


Okay. Thanks! kraml