Treat smart/straight quotes as identical in Scrivener links?

After fooling around a bit trying to make a quick wiki-style Scrivener link in my project, I discovered that it wasn’t working due to a smart/straight quote problem. When I type a document title in the binder, apostrophes are straight, but when typing in the document notes or the main editor, the apostrophes switch to smart. To add to the pain, even knowing this, when I try to use the control key to force a straight apostrophe when typing the link, the OS kindly thinks I must’ve been mistaken and after I type the “s” on the end it quietly fixes my apostrophe to smart. Ultimately the whole thing is obviously much more hassle than intended with the beauty of wiki-style links.

Is there any way Scrivener could be blinded into viewing smart and straight quotes as identical for the purpose of Scrivener links?

Presumably you are talking about when you use [[ and ]] to type the title? I’ll take a look at it when I get chance.

Yes, thank you! With “use smart quotes” turned on, when trying to use the double square bracket method to link to a pre-existing document that contains a straight apostrophe or quote mark in the title (they remain straight in titles by default), instead of recognizing that document, Scrivener pops up the dialogue to create a new document with that title. It’s possible from that dialogue to choose an existing document for the link, but it would be nice if Scrivener recognized the document straight off and didn’t distinguish between smart and straight quotes in that instance.

Added to the list!