Tree - pretty nice Outliner

Hi there

Take a look


Not likely. At 3,980JPY, it costs more than Scrivener.


Very nice. If I didn’t have OmniOutliner Pro, I’d seriously consider this – or at least a later iteration. It’s a bit basic at the moment, but it’s showing promise.

Despite my ownership of OOP, I don’t use it much, because my mind doesn’t get inspired by the outliner metaphor, or at least as it’s presented by OO. My mind really likes how info is presented in “treeview”, though. Something for the Omnigroup to chew on.

I’ve just looked at it. It’s a really lovely idea. I’m going to keep it around until the end of the trial period and I am going to try writing something in it.

The help is in Japanese which looks fabulous but is not very helpful to me :slight_smile:

Fortunately I think once you get the hang of it then it’s pretty obvious.

I use Omni Outliner Pro for very many things, it is my most used application perhaps. I do also use it for writing short-ish things, up to 1000 or maybe 2000 words maximum.

I doubt that I’ll be sufficiently wooed by Tree a this stage but it is a very interesting application.

Yes, Tree is like a marriage between OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle, which gives it the stylized look of the London Metro map.

Could be interesting to write in, as Patrick says. Definitely worth a look just to see what potential lies in visual structure.

Very expensive just for playing around with, however.