trial expired, payment problems

Hello, my free trial has expired and esellerate won’t accept my prepaid American Express gift card as payment. This is the only method available to me right now, and I’m sure there are enough funds on the
card. It’s very frustrating, because the only way to access my work is through hundreds of individual RTF files numbered (not named) in the order I wrote them, not the order they were arranged in the text. Scrivener is a great product, and I’d love to pay for it, but this is really frustrating, as I do need to get some work done and re-titling and ordering each individual scene into its appropriate chapter is a huge pain in the neck. Thanks very much for your help.

Thanks for wanting to purchase! I believe you’ve already been in touch with our sales manager and he’s contacted eSellerate for support with this issue, so I’ll leave that to them. As far as working with your project in the meanwhile, you definitely do not want to be editing and renaming the RTF files in the Scrivener project folder directly. Make copies of these and change those, if you like, to copy into Scrivener later, but don’t work with them in an external program right from the project folder. Scrivener relies on its naming scheme to identify the different documents, and renaming those will cause the program to fail to find them. Editing them, even without retitling, can also cause problems, as Scrivener has unique RTF codes for things like annotations that could be lost when working in another program, and the project overall will get out of sync with itself as some files will have been updated without others being so as well (so links may get misplaced, word counts could get off, etc.). Working with the RTF files directly is just a last resort for rescuing a corrupted project that isn’t going to be worked with in Scrivener again and that doesn’t have a compiled copy of the text.

That said, given that it’s a holiday weekend and eSellerate support may not get back to us for a few days, my suggestion is to download the public beta, available for testing from our beta forum. This has a set expiry date, separate from the regular trial version, so you should be able to work in it (and compile a copy of your manuscript) temporarily until the purchase issues are cleared up with eSellerate. You will not be able to register this version, so once you do get your license details, you will need to switch back to the 1.2.5 version in order to submit your information and have that take and the trial time limit removed.

Hi Jennifer, thanks very much for your help. I will try your solution now. One thing I was wondering about is the disconnect between this:

and this:

Obviously, once the trial expired, I wasn’t able to export all my work. I don’t see why a “compile” option couldn’t be added to the “buy,” “enter license” buttons etc that pop up after expiry. Why isn’t this a feature already? What if I had been dissatisfied with the program, but had assumed I would be able to “export” after the month, as I was told I would? Seems strange to me.

Thanks again for your help, I’ll try the beta now.

To answer your last question, if one has taken 25 or so days out of the trial and they just aren’t feeling a creative connection with the software, that would be the time to start compiling and exporting stuff out of projects. I think the 30-day period is long enough to (a) know whether the software is right for you and (b) get everything out of it before you run out of time.

So I think in general use, this doesn’t really come up much. We certainly don’t hear much about it. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve spoken with someone who really didn’t like the software and yet still managed to use it on 30 different days and was stuck in a jam being unable to export. That’s the type of thing people write in about no matter the disposition, unlike other problems that can run “silent”.

Here’s the feedback from eSellerate:

“Yes we should accept an Amex gift card as long as the customer enters the three digit card security code from the back of the card. Normally Amex has a four digit code on the front, but the gift cards typically don’t have that and have only the three digit code on the back. So I would have them verify that information and try again. I don’t see anything else preventing them from purchasing in looking at the failure data.”

Therefore, please return to our web-store and try your purchase again. Many thanks.

All the best,