Trial Period and store exchange rate

I’m not entirely certain that the trial period is counting correctly - Yesterday it said 3 days left, when I started it up just after midnight it said 2 days left. Now at 8AM, it’s down to 1?

Of course I’m going to buy it, was just trying to space out my expenses a bit.

Which brings me to my next question - what’s up with the exchange rate at the store?
Regular license is $45US. At current exchange rates that should be $56.03 CDN, but the store is saying $61.81. Is that a conversion or processing fee or something being tacked on there? (I know that’s esellerate and not Lit&Lat, but, I’m not on their forums to ask them…)

I think I’ll buy in $US and let my bank handle the conversion (if it’ll let me).

Don’t know the answer to your Qs, but this might be worth a try … … t-off.html

Is it any cheaper (in terms of the exchange rate) if you buy from the Apple app store? … 9511?mt=12

$51.99 ???

If you buy from the Apple app store, you can use the version from L&L direct: … e-customer

Or can you get a better rate from Amazon in Canada?

LOL, thanks, but it’s okay - I had a Nano coupon to use anyway.

I just experienced a bit of sticker shock there - I always have it in my head that scriv is $45, and then to go to the store and see $61.81?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :open_mouth:

I googled a bit and apparently it’s because when the software company doesn’t have an explicit price set in a particular currency - esellerate just uses their own exchange rate (which may or may not have much of a basis in reality).

So I ended up purchasing in US$ and let my bank do the conversion because at least I know how much they charge (I just checked on that a few months ago, pretty sure it’s 2.5%). So if my math is right, that’s about $4 or $5 cheaper than it would have been through esellerate. (Of course, it’ll depend on exactly when the transaction is processed at the bank, and how the rate has fluctuated in the meantime.) :unamused:

Looks like doesn’t have it - seacrh for Scrivener there and all that comes up is Final Draft.

App store - after tax that would have been $58.75, so not too bad actually.

Glad to hear you’re sorted. :smiley:

If you had the NANO coupon, why was it still $45? You pay in full and then get a rebate?

Only been to Canada once. Toronto. Lovely country and people. A far more relaxed and meritocratic society than in the UK.

Oh no, the coupon took it down to $22.50 (US), but initially on loading the site it said the full price (in $CDN). I was expecting to see something like $55-ish. So nearly $62 was a shock (especially 1st thing in the morning before food & caffeine have done their thing)

So $22.50 + current exchange rate + the bank’s cut should be around $28.70 versus it would have been about $30.91 from esellerate.

Ah, so I guess that $4 difference I calculated earlier was before coupon. But $2 saved is $2 earned :smiley:

← Never been to the UK. Watch some of your TV - Location Location Location makes it look lovely. But if you find Toronto to be relaxed in comparison… yikes, Toronto stresses me out - too many people. Guess that means I’m never going to London then. :laughing:

That’s a sweet discount.

Some bits are lovely. Some not. I’m a Londoner by birth, but now live in Thomas Hardy’s back garden, where the neighbours are cows, sheep, horses, pheasants, chickens, rabbits, etc.

If you get the chance to see the film Tamara Drewe, you can see exactly what life is like (for writers) here in Wessex.

The store also charges tax, which varies by jurisdiction and isn’t included in the US$45 list price.