Trial program crashes when creating a new document

I downloaded the trial program a few weeks ago. Although I am able to access the tutorial, I would like to try writing some things of my own. However, every time I try to create a new document, the program closes itself. It creates folders in my documents, but there are no files in them. Are new documents not allowed in the trial version/until the tutorial is done, or is this a bug? :confused:

The trial version is full Scrivener. You should be able to create new projects and new items (folders, docs) within those projects.

First thing you might try is to uninstall, re-download a fresh copy of the trial and reinstall.
If you are using BitDefender, you should turn it off or disable it while doing this.

Any error messages appearing?

As SpringfieldMH said, the trial is the regular version just with the time lock. It certainly shouldn’t be preventing you creating a project.

This sounds a little like a problem some users ran into a while ago when running Xfinity’s Constant Guard. If you have this software installed, you may be able to resolve the crash by simply removing Scrivener from Constant Guard’s block list:

  1. Open Constant Guard
  2. Select the “Options” tab
  3. Click on “Manage My Blocked Program Rules”
  4. Find Scrivener on the list and check “Allow” instead of “Block”

Other tools probably offer similar procedures, if you’re using an antikeylogger or security software other than Constant Guard; you can check with the provider for specific instructions if you need them. In the cases I’m referencing, Constant Guard overzealously flagged Scrivener because the settings recommended by our activation provider disable DEP security.

If Constant Guard & co. don’t seem to be the problem, try booting into Safe Mode and running Scrivener there to see if you can successfully create and work in a new project. Most likely the issue is caused by a conflict with other software. Running in Safe Mode will limit what programs and services launch at startup, so it will help to know if Scrivener is working correctly in that scenario.