Trial to Purchase....why am I still seeing the Tutorial

After using the trial version for a few days I decided to purchase a license. Done, check.

Now I have the “tutorial” as part of the left had toolbar. ALL I want to see is my project, which is there, and I have been adding folders to it.

How do I remove the tutorial View from view and just look at my project? :question: :question:

You create a new project by going to File->New Project and create an entirely new one. The Tutorial is its own project, and while you can write your book or what-have-you in it, I’d recommend starting with a fresh template instead of mixing your writing in with the Tutorial.

Once you create that new project, you can drag documents and folders from the binder (the left-most column of folders and document tiles) of the tutorial to the binder of the new project.

Hope that helps.

Yes, that answered and solved my question.
thank you :smiley:

Also, since I didn’t make it clear, the typical use case for Scrivener is one major writing endeavor per Scrivener project. One novel, one thesis, one research paper, etc. Some people prefer to keep similar short works in one project (short stories, blog posts, …) however.