trial version didn't recognize purchase registration

I purchased the full version of Scrivener two days before the trial version expired and followed the instructions to register the license number. Now that the expiration date has passed, a prompt appears instructing me to download an updated version.

What will happen to the chapters I’ve entered so far?

I am having same problem and about to try installing / updating from the website.

To answer your main concern, however, nothing should happen to the chapters you’ve written so far. They are not saved within the program; they are saved to your harddrive, and, optionally, to an online backup such as DropBox or Google Drive.

Update: I didn’t even have to download anything. I went to my Downloads folder and found the original ScrivenerInstall.exe. I ran it, and it fixed the problem. The issue seems to be with the NaNo version, unfortunately; I rather liked having a NaNo Project creation button.

If you can’t find the exe, you should just be able to re-download and install from the website download page with no problem. I didn’t even have to reenter the registration codes. Hope this helps!

Yup, the NaNo version had a small bug that doesn’t let it process registration. Download from the main website, or grab the latest beta from from the forum here.

As for the NaNo extras, you don’t know the special version for that. They can be downloaded separately.