Trial Version is Glitching

Hey! So I got the nanowrimo trial version of Scrivener for Mac. I had everything set up, opened the application, and set up my more-than-halway-done novel. I totally saved, everything was fine, and I even opened it back up once with no problem. Now it’s totally bugging out. The only way to get it to close is to force quit. My project won’t open. It’s just the application open with the toolbar active, but I can’t get to anything through it. I opened the appearance window and now it won’t close. Is this normal, or does scrivener always behave this badly? I was excited about using it, and was likely to buy it after the trial, but if this doesn’t get fixed there’s not way.

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I’ve used Scrivener in various versions since 2007, and I’ve never experienced the glitches you’re seeing. There’s something odd in the application download, or your novel, or the other software on your computer, or your hardware. Personally I’d start by re-downloading and re-installing the application.


If you haven’t done so already, please email us at AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that we can figure out what is going on. It sounds as though it may be a conflict with a plugin, or possibly a bad setting somewhere. But no, this is very definitely not normal!

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Hi - Did you solve your problem? Because I’m having EXACTLYthe same problem. Put my novel in and spent a day setting it up, and now I can’t open it. Can only manage to get the toolbar of Scrivener to open. Can’t even open the tutorial. HELP!

As suggested up above, please try redownloading and reinstalling the Scrivener application. If that doesn’t help, please shoot us a support email so that we can walk you through more detailed troubleshooting.