Trial version not resetting # of days

On v. 25, I’ve noticed that the day counter on the Trial Version dialogue box does not reset when I start Scrivener, even though I’m clicking “reset”. I’m currently at 27 day until the version expires. Would rather not have to download again if possible. Any thoughts?


I’m having the same problem.

I’m also getting this.

We’ve been told multiple times that if the counter reaches the expiration date without a new beta version being available, you can simply reset and the program will continue to function. For now, just click Try when you open Scrivener.

With all due respect, we are pointing out that the reset button appears not to be working.

Likewise. It says “expired” and I have to press reset every single time I start the program.

Sorry guys. Lee’s going to be releasing an update in the next few days to fix this and a few other big bugs.

Yehaw… I too cannot reset. Poor old Lee. Does he have any help??? Is there any chance of investing in Scrivener??? I just hope a couple of my pet peeves get sorted… but I doubt it :frowning:

I should also say if the trial period ends before the fix you can still get in (well you could with 0.24) by resetting you system clock. Not an ideal solution but as an emergency escape that is something.


Can someone please tell me where to find the # days? It doesn’t appear in the dialog box saying Scrivener will expire. I do get a date there (Aug. 15, 2011) but not a number of days.

Thanks for the help.


I also get this. My trial is about to expire and I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to have any of my work.

What version of the beta are you using? The latest version 026 contained a fix for this issue. See instructions and notes at [url]LEE'S UPDATE - BETA 026]