Trial Version - Open Project on XP and 7

I am experimenting with the Windows Trial version on both an XP laptop and a Windows 7 Professional desktop. I am unable to copy the project folder from Win 7 to XP.

I have to use XP to bring over the file from Win 7 to the XP laptop via a ethernet hard wired home network. However, in doing so the “-----.scriv” folder will not copy. The process reports “Access is Denied” “Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use.”

The “----.scriv” folder/file on the Win7 computer has ‘full privilieges’ allow for ‘everyone’ and is not being used on the 7 desktop.

Can someone help me with why I cannot accomplish this?

Make sure that your account has permission to save to the target location on your XP machine and the needed permissions on the Win 7 machine to copy files from wherever the .scriv folder is saved. The permissions error is probably not with the .scriv folder itself but somewhere higher up, with its parent directory. It sounds like you’re accessing the Win7 computer from your XP machine, so it could be an issue with your login credentials from that machine not having the necessary access. You could try going the other direction, pushing the folder from Win7 rather than pulling from XP, or copying it temporarily to a public folder that doesn’t have as restricted access on the network.


My apologies for not responding to your reply sooner. I did resolve the issue, but, had simply not remembered to check the forum for any replies to my post. Thanks again for your help.


Oh good, I’m glad you were able to resolve it!