triple click to select by sentence

There is a feature in Nisus 1.3 that I just love that has me writing in it quite a lot (from their release notes : “triple click selects by sentence now, quadruple click is by paragraph”). Any chance on that in scrivener?

Scrivener uses the Mac native text rendering whatchyamacallit, so I don’t think it has that feature. I’m pretty sure triple click gets a paragraph. (Not on my Mac atm to check.)

The “select a sentence” feature strikes me as problematic. How does it know when the sentence is up? Periods do more than sit at the end of a sentence. Maybe it’s just my writing style, but a sentence-selecting feature would likely make me grumpy. Grammar check certainly does. (NO! That participle is NOT my primary verb! Argh!)


trip-click is paragraph. Just confirmed for you.