Trivial: Font size problem

Sorry - I know this is trivial but I can non find the fix (and I’m obsessing :confused: )

When I cut and paste from another document the formatting comes with it.
I figured out most of the fixes (a) don’t do that; “paste special” b) fix it all after the fact.)

Sometimes (today, for example; a definition from a wiki article) the new formatting hijacks any new text. So, I cut/pasted the text. I actually wanted the copied text to stay “different” from my typing. But I can not get back to “my” formatting. I can change the font, the color, the spacing, bold and italics but not the size of any new typing. And a 10 point font is just a bit small.

This particular chunk of copying does the same thing when I “paste special”.

As a work-around, I pasted into Word (Office 2010) and then recopied and pasted into Scrivener. Now my line length is short. (But I can change the font size.)


Hit enter a few times before you paste the new stuff in. Then paste somewhere above the newlines that you created. Cursor down to the bottom, where your original formatting should still be intact, and continue writing with the font settings you started with.

Dude! You Rock!

:slight_smile: Thanks. That’s a work-around I can live with.

Robert’s solution is probably the simplest way to deal with this, since it doesn’t involve reformatting, but I’m a little confused by the initial problem–could you describe what you’re doing when you paste and then try to adjust the formatting afterward and the font size (or line length) can’t be changed? I can’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t be something you can modify, so there might be a bug here and I’d like to track it down if so. Thus, any details or step-by-step reproduction of what you were doing so I can test it out would be great.

MM - Yes. Will do - since it is reproducible and I’m network geek at heart. Time is short today and tomorrow so I won’t get back to it till the weekend.

Works for me. I’m supposed to be cleaning house anyway. :wink: