Trojan detected at Scrivener start up

Hi guys,

today I opened Scrivener and my antivirus (360 Security) notified me that there’s a trojan virus named “paddle.exe” which is executing from Scrivener’s paddle folder

I postponed the deletion to see if anyone here can confirm whether the file is part of scrivener or no and whether I should be concerned.


Paddle is what handles licence checking etc so will be sending data back and forth between your computer and Paddle servers, the sort of activity which often causes things to get flagged up as “iffy” with certain AV software.

I’m pretty sure you’re safe, though.

Your AV program, like many others in the consumer market, is hyper-alert to the point of a false positive. The Paddle code is the licensing management code, and without it, Scrivener will not run. It does connect to Paddle’s web servers and some people report these connections as belonging to trojans because a) they don’t understand what is happening or b) they don’t think that’s how a license manager should be operating.

oh thank you so much guys! I thought it’d be fine, but still worth asking to double check