Trouble accessing folder contents using Scrivener Windows

Hi there,

I’ve always used Scrivener for Mac; my project has been created and saved using Scrivener for Mac 2.4.1.

I’ve just downloaded a trial of Scrivener for Windows so I can do a bit of writing at work, but when I open the project (shared via Dropbox) I can see the folder and scene titles, but no actual content or even word counts.

I’ve tried opening the project from Scrivener, and also from my Downloads folder where I saved it from Dropbox. I’d be happy if I could just copy sections of content from the project…

Thanks in advance for any light you could shed on this.


Check for any conflicted or duplicate files within your .scriv folder, particularly for multiple .scrivx files (with the yellow Scrivener icon, directly within the .scriv folder). These can cause Scrivener not to be able to open the file properly; removing them from the project folder before trying to open it in Scrivener should fix the problem in that case. (I’d make a backup of the whole .scriv folder before poking around in it and removing anything; you can right-click and use “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder” to do this quickly on Windows.)

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s it - there are no duplicated files in the .scriv folder…

When you open the project on Windows and load a text file in the editor, what exactly are you seeing? You mentioned not having a word count–is it saying “0” where it shouldn’t, or is the footer not displayed at all…? A screenshot here of your Scrivener window might be helpful to figure out what’s going on, as normally moving a project cross-platform works pretty smoothly.