Trouble adding image to front matter / copying over format from other book

I’m having a heck of a time getting my cover image into the front matter folder. You can see on the left, i dropped it in just fine for the first book. In this other file, I simply cannot drop an image in the folder. It will let me do it OUTSIDE, but that will not compile as the cover, as compile is looking for the first image in the front matter folder. I tried JPG and PNG. I can’t understand what the difference is between the two files or why this is so hard.

Also, is there a way to copy the format I set up in my first book to the second book file? Or, is there a way to copy all my folders from book two into a copy of my first file? (Then maybe that file will work?)

Take “Front Matter” OUT of the manuscript folder. It must be at the SAME outline level as the manuscript folder.


Oh Good Grief, thank you so much. Is there a way to copy my formats for epub, pdf, etc I set up in the first book to the other file?

Yes, and you probably don’t need different formats for epub, pdf, etc. anyway. I use one format for all.

Also, it’s not that Front Matter has to be outside the Manuscript; the problem is that you can’t drag images into the Manuscript. If you didn’t need a cover in Front Matter, you’d be fine. Personally, I link to external files for all my images, which doesn’t run into that problem … and the “first image in front matter” setting wouldn’t apply in that case.

Here are the import/export dialogs for compile formats.