Trouble Compiling in 1.54

I’ve written 140K plus and can’t compile properly. I’m not getting page numbers or page breaks. Each chapter has “page break before” flagged and I’ve tried selecting it (or not) in the Compile panel. I’m trying to go to RTF and am getting nowhere. HELP :cry:

I got it to work as a DOC. Weird. Is this a bug? Does RTF work better in Version 2?

What program did you open the file in? Whether headers or footers or page breaks appear will depend on the program it’s opened in. If you just double-clicked on the RTF file in the Finder, it will most likely have opened in TextEdit, which doesn’t support headers or footers (and by default opens in wrap-to-window mode, which doesn’t show page breaks). If you compiled to .doc then it will have opened by default in Word, which has all those things. The .doc export from Scrivener is really just a renamed .rtf file though (which is legitimate for Word), so there isn’t any difference internally. If you used File > Open in Word to open the RTF file exported from Scrivener, you should see everything intact.

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Would Pages fail to properly display these things? I was opening it in that.

Yes, those three features are known limitations of the Pages importer. It is not too dissimilar from TextEdit on what it can handle. You might try opening the RTF files in (yeah, I know, huge download and it’s a clunker, but it works for this purpose) and then saving from OOo as a .doc file. Pages handles .doc files much better than RTF files.

But not .doc files exported from Scrivener, which are really RTF files under-the-hood. :slight_smile:

Does Version 2 work any differently or is it all Pages problem?

Version 2.0 has lots of RTF improvements but that makes no difference to Pages because Pages’ RTF importer is poor and doesn’t support headers and footers, page breaks, images, footnotes and so on.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22. There’s no way of exporting directly to .pages format because Apple don’t make the format available to third-party developers. Pages supports .doc and .docx very well but these formats take teams of developers to support, and so Scrivener has to rely on the default OS X .doc and .docx exporters (the ones that Apple provides for developers to use, which are also used in TextEdit, but which Pages does not use). The default .doc and .docx exporters that Scrivener relies on don’t support images, headers and footers, footnotes and so on. RTF is much easier to support because it is essentially a plain-text-with-markup format, so I’ve been able to enhance the default RTF exporter in ways I can’t do with the default .doc and .docx exporters. So Scrivener supports headers and footers, images and so on in its RTF export. However, despite RTF being relatively straightforward to support, Pages doesn’t support it very well…

If Apple supported RTF better there would be no issue; if Scrivener supported .docx better, there would be no issue. Unfortunately as a one-man development team I don’t have the resources to write my own .docx exporter at the moment (something that would take me months in itself). You can however leave feedback with Apple asking them for better RTF support - they’ve been hounded by a lot of members from this forum, so who knows, maybe eventually they’ll cave in?

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