Trouble converting from .scrivx to .scriv.


I’m trying to transfer Scrivener files from the program on my Windows machine to the one on my new Mac. My plan was to upload and download from Dropbox. When I try to open the downloaded project.scrivx file, it comes up with a notice that the file extensions need changed from .scrivx to .scriv, and it offers to do this for me. I click okay, and it comes up with this error message:

“The file system would not allow Scrivener to add the .scriv file extension to the project package, so the project cannot be opened. Please check your permissions.”

My permissions through Get Info in Finder say I am both able to read and write this file. Changing the extension to .scriv manually also doesn’t work (thought I’d try, you know).

Any insight into what to do, here?

Thank you!

That’s very odd. I use dropbox to open scrivener projects on both my Mac and a Windows machine at work. The .scrivx file inside the .scriv folder on windows never changes extensions.

Are you moving the entire .scriv folder & all of it’s contents into your Dropbox folder?

Yes, the problem here sounds like you’re only transferring the project.scrivx file, whereas you need to copy the entire .scriv folder containing that file. Once on the Mac, that folder will appear as a single file with the .scriv extension, and you’ll just need to double-click it to open it in Scrivener. You should never normally be seeing the .scrivx file itself on the Mac. What’s happening then is that Scrivener is looking for the container .scriv folder when you double-click the project .scrivx file, and it is trying then to apply that extension to the parent directory of the .scrivx file, which sounds like it’s just your Dropbox folder or such–which your permissions aren’t letting it do, and just as well, since it’s not what you want to do to fix the problem anyway. The .scrivx file alone isn’t the whole project, just the binder structure–all your actual writing is in other documents in that .scriv folder, so you need to make sure the whole thing is moved together.

Oh, geez, total rookie problem. Yep, the issue was that I was only working with the project.scrivx file – I see now that that is a little ridiculous. :slight_smile: Worked beautifully. Thanks for your help!