trouble getting stageplay u.s. to paper

I’m having real issues getting a “stage play U.S.” format to print appropriately in any program. In Scrivener I’m having widow and orphan issues, and pages split between character and dialogue. Celtx was a complete disaster, importing the whole text file in on e block. Final Draft reads the parentheses around my “action” element as a parenthetical and formats accordingly. Unfortunately, when I manually switch the element to “action” it gets rid of the parentheses, which looks sloppy.

I’m at a loss to figure out a workaround. The only thing I can think of is to get rid of the parentheses manually before going into Final Draft, and then manually adding them back. Does anybody have any suggestions? It’s a shame I can’t solve the widows/orphans problem in Scrivener - it would make my life a lot easier.


Hi Jeff,

Scrivener doesn’t do widows and orphans and there are no plans to add it, I’m afraid. Scrivener is really for the drafting stage, as mentioned on the product page - the intention for scripts is that you would then take it to a dedicated word processor or script program (such as final draft) for final formatting and keeping character and dialogue together etc). The next update (not out for a couple of months, though, I’m afraid) will make it a lot easier to get work into Final Draft without the formatting issues you are having, though.


Thanks Keith. Any suggestions for a workaround in the meantime (in any program)?