Trouble loading Scrivener

I had Scrivener on my Windows laptop months ago and loved it. Unfortunately, my laptop died an honorable death. My daughter started building me a computer. Fast forward several months and here I am on my new computer. However, I downloaded the Scrivener installer for Windows (I currently have Vista on my computer) and it won’t install. The .exe file won’t start at all. Any suggestions as to why? I have downloaded the install file twice and nothing. HELP!!

If you’re not even able to run the installer, I’d try clearing your browser cache and downloading again (from here) with any download helpers or similar disabled. If that alone doesn’t do it, you may need to try whitelisting the installer in your security program or try running the installer in compatibility mode–it seems a recent Windows update has been causing some problems with running Scrivener that are fixed by running in compatibility mode; it may be worth trying with the installer itself.

To run in compatibility mode, right-click the .exe and choose “Properties”, then “Compatibility”. Tick the option to run in compatibility mode, then just set it to your flavour of Vista. Apply the changes and try launching the installer again.