Trouble moving folders within the Binder

Is there some sort of trick to moving folders within the Binder? I can move them to the very top or the very bottom, but I can’t rearrange them beyond that. They always end up within another folder or file.

If you’re having troubles positioning the little blue indicator line, you could try using the keyboard shortcuts instead. Just combine Ctrl and Cmd with any of the four arrow keys to move up, down, promote and demote items. This will work on the selection, so you can move many items at once this way. There is a way to do it with the mouse, but it might take a little practice. The trick is move the mouse up or down until it is in the right vertical position, and then left or right to get the circle on the blue indicator line to match the level you want it at. Note that not all drop positions are “logical”. You can’t drop something at level 2 in between two level 3 items, for instance. It would have to be at level 3 or 4 (beneath the item above it).

You can also hold down the Option key while dragging to prevent being able to drop inside another file.