Trouble Obtaining Running Total Using Scrivenings


After all this time with Scrivener, I’m finally getting around to using Scrivenings and finding myself stumped at the outset. :open_mouth:

What I’d like to do with the application is to see both a word count for chapter folders and a running total. I’m clicking on an individual chapter, then corkboard, then control + 1, and I’m getting a chapter count, but no running total.

Also, I can’t figure out how to load items into Scrivenings. I can view them but the loading has me mystified.

I wish there were an easy way to see my binder with the chapter totals and running totals displayed. Is there a means to do this? That would make all this stuff with Scrivenings unnecessary.

Many thanks,

Hello there,
There are many ways to achieve things in Scrivener, but what you want to achieve seems to be a mixture of both scrivenings and outliner. One way to achieve some of what you need is;

Scrivenings displays individual documents consecutively. To load scrivenings you can-
Select the scrivenings view and then select individual documents ( i.e. scenes for example) in your binder by clicking on them. If you hold down the Ctrl key while selecting with left mouse this will add them one after the other. Now you should see your ‘scenes’ as a continuous text with each just marked by a dashed line.


Select a chapter by clicking on it. This will display all the individual documents (scenes) in a continuous display seperated by a dashed line.


Select the manuscript (draft) which will load all the documents in all the chapters… Can lead to problems though if you have a huge project and is not really of much practical use. I find it most useful for just stitching together a few scenes to see how they work together.

For word counts you need the outliner… but I am off for a coffee. Will post if you are not too familiar with it.

Hi Broadsides:

Very helpful. Thank you. Sometimes it’s the basics that I get hung up on.
Having said that, I pretty much stick to the basics with Scrivener, write and edit my document and compile it. I’ve not used Outliner. If that’s a way to see running totals, I’d be very interested in it.

Many thanks,