Trouble opening Scrivener file from Dropbox

I’ve successfully uploaded my Scrivener file from one computer to Dropbox, but when I try to open it on my second computer it shows the file, but the computer just “clunks” when I click on the file, and everything locks up. I’m pretty sure the files are in good shape–the previewer shows the correct binder structure for my work. Any suggestions?

My first guess would be the entire project did not in fact upload from the first computer. I’d turn it on and make sure it hasn’t got anything in the upload queue. A mature project can contain hundreds or even thousands of small files, so it may take a while to do the initial upload. Once it is uploaded only those resources that have changed while you were working will be re-uploaded, so it will be more efficient. However paying attention to the upload status and the download status when switching computers is of vital importance.

I recommend reading §13.5 of the user manual, for tips on how best to work this way. It is really easy to make a project get out of sync with itself when working on Dropbox, but conversely it is also easy to avoid the problem entirely if you know what causes it.