Trouble Opening Shared Project (from Mac) on PC

Hi all,

I hope I’m able to adequately convey my problem. A colleague and I have been attempting to share a Scrivener project file via Dropbox such that we’re able to co-edit efficiently. He is using a Mac and I’m utilizing the Windows version. I’m able to open the zip for the .scrivx from Dropbox and view all of the folders and text page titles in the binder. Problem is, the content text within each folder/page doesn’t transfer over (words and character count = zero). It looks like the RTF docs originally linked with the text pages and folders in the project have been saved (they appear individually once the zip is decompressed and can be accessed). But, there are hundreds and hundreds of them. I don’t understand why I can’t access a copy of the full Scriv project via Dropbox. The parts seem to be all there, but in fragmented pieces.

Please help!

You could have a look at this thread:


with any luck it will help.


Could you explain your process step by step for sharing the project from the Mac and attempting to open it on Windows? You mentioned sharing on Dropbox and unpacking a zip file, and it sounds like you’ve opened the project in Scrivener but none of the text documents are loading? (So you just see the binder list, but clicking them just shows a blank editor.) Assuming the binder does look correct, that would suggest the document files either aren’t in the proper folder for Scrivener to find them or have been renamed–possibly due to a Dropbox conflict between your machines.

One thing to keep in mind is that Scrivener projects are just folders full of files. This is true for both platforms, but on a Mac it will appear as a single file thanks to the package format. On Windows, you’ll see the project as a ProjectName.scriv folder, so all the innards will be easily viewable. Double-clicking the project .scrivx file inside the folder should load the project just as double-clicking the .scriv “file” will do on a Mac. When you’re sharing the project unzipped via Dropbox, it’s important to ensure sufficient time to sync all the files inside the project folder before shutting down the first machine or opening on the second to avoid getting files conflicts inside the project.

Sharing a zipped version of the project over Dropbox should work just the same as any of your own zipped backups; you’ll need to extract the project folder first, then open that in Scrivener. If the project isn’t live in Dropbox, there shouldn’t be any internal conflicts from that, so we’d need to look at the contents of the project folder and any error messages you’re getting to work out what’s causing the problem.