Trouble Pasting text and image from Word 2007[BUG LOGGED]

Ctrl+All with words and text in MS word 2007, with image at the bottom, Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V in a new text in Scrivener Beta 1.5. The words directly above the text became stuck under the image which could not be selected and moved using the mouse. When mouse was dragged over the image, text showed up underneath, but unable to separate the two. The image was formatted as “in line with text” and not “in front of text.” Personally, I would like to see the ability to move images around in Scrivener, because that would have eliminated this problem. Thanks for your time. I love the program thus far and appreciate the opportunity I have had to try it out free of charge. I will definitely be purchasing this program when the windows version is complete.


Nice one. I’ve logged it. Thank you.