Trouble Saving Project

I’ve just started a new project and keep getting this error code from Project Writer that comes up automatically when I’m typing. It says:

The following errors occurred while saving your project.
Could not save Binder.
Error: Could not open binder file
Location: (gives location)
To avoid losing your latest changes, make sure you have enough space and write access on your storage device. YOu can creat a copy of your project into another location using the menu File > SaveAs.
You might also try to Compile and Save to RTF or DOC format to avoid losing your latest changes.

This is a new project so the amount it is saving is not that large. I’ve tried resaving it using the File > Save As feature several times and it still keeps coming up. Help???

I have exactly the same problem. It is really annoying, since the error code shows up every five or so minutes when I am writing. I also tried Save As several times - without success.

Do you have any suggestions?