Trouble setting manuscript goals

Trying to set goals for my entire draft. Found out that not all folders in the “manuscript” (draft) folder were to-be-compiled, so went in and set those all manually. (Why was this?) But S only counts about half of my words when I try to see how I am progressing on my overall wordcount goal.

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Thanks. I have unchecked the equivalent box on my mac, but that didn’t resolve it. I figured out that not everything in the draft folder (“Manuscript” because I’m using the novel template) was set to compile. I have (more carefully this time?) manually set each item in the manuscript to “compile,” and now it is showing the right numbers.

So now the question is, why wasn’t everything in the Manuscript file set to compile, as is the default according to the manual?

My best guess would be that at some point you wanted to compile only part of your project, and instead of using “Compile current selection”, you’ve unchecked the undesired documents from the list in the compiler (right side), without knowing that it is actually the “Include in compile” setting, as found in the project itself. (?)

Unless spawned from a document template (or a document that you split or duplicate), new documents are always marked as included in compile.

I’ve actually never fiddled with the compile command at all – still drafting my first draft. But having learned about the word count goals function, I wanted to try that, which led to the compile… etc. It was the material from the second half of the current draft, so I checked to make sure newly-generated chapters would be checked as compile, and they are. So I have no idea what was going on.


At least it works now. :wink:

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But seriously, it can be a number of things you did. (You did this, that is certain. – It can only be either what I mentioned earlier, or user manipulation.)

For e,g, : if you select multiple documents, they show in the editor as a scrivening, and they share the “Include in compile” setting at the bottom of the editor.
Clicking it will affect all of the currently selected documents.
(That could easily explain how and why you had the bottom half of your project excluded from compile.)

The setting is also accessible via the Outliner view.

Wait. If I selected a bunch of docs and clicked to change from do not compile to do compile (I did do this, you are correct), then these docs would NOT be included?

It affects them in bulk. Included or excluded from compile.

I believe that the initial state shown is the state of the topmost document. <Yep. I just confirmed it.

If you want to toggle the state of a single document whiles you have multiple documents selected and the editor displays a scrivening, do so in the inspector. (And make sure that the inspector is displaying the document intended. You need to click in it in the editor first.)

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The opposite.